Yoga changes. What can you observe in yourself when you start practicing Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Yoga Changes

Yoga changes. What can you observe in yourself when you start practicing Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Yoga changes when you change

Yoga changes, just like any routine, it affects what kind of person you are. Of course, similar rules apply to all of our commitment, including that related to gym, running or fitness. However, in this case – routine is just the beginning, one of the elements.

In the west, our first and unfortunately the only yoga encounter is mat and asana.

Yoga Changes

Change your life with yoga

Meanwhile, the whole practice has many more components, such as breathing practices , meditation or building healthy relationships with others and with yourself.

As a whole, everything has been developed to help us improve the quality of our daily lives.

And not only in modeling the radiator on the stomach.

yoga changes


The body is a byproduct

Since we are at the radiator – it can not be hidden that yoga has a great impact on our body.

However, what we see outside is really a side effect.

A tiny molecule.

Most of the change happens in our head.

So since the side effect is noticeable to us with the naked eye, imagine how much must happen inside.


Yoga changes when you change

Yoga can be different every day, according to how your approach to it changes and what your current needs are.

Our body is completely different every minute, which is why it is so important to listen to it carefully.

There are days when you just want to relax, give yourself a break or let a stressful day go into oblivion.

Other times, you prefer to climb to the heights of your abilities and face all your weaknesses, putting yourself to the test of strength and endurance.

Yoga is changing just as you are changing.

Yoga Changes

yoga changes

It is flexible. Thanks to this, it becomes a helpful tool, not a set of do’s and don’ts that you must stick to at all costs.


Weight normal

One of the classic topics raised by people who appear in my classes for the first time is whether yoga will help them lose weight .

True, the answer is yes and no.

Yoga practice is not typical cardio, focused on fat burning.

Therefore, if you want to calculate how much time you have to spend on the mat to work off a eaten donut, this is not the way.

Yoga works like a marathon, not like a sprint. Its effects are not immediate, but long-lasting.

Yoga practice changes your way of thinking.

It affects not only how you perceive your life, but also your body and diet.

Ahimsa , one of the moral principles of yoga, teaches you not to hurt.

Both others and myself.

Therefore, by practicing, you also begin to change your eating habits.

You pay more attention to what lands on your plate.

You know that if you want to be good for your body, it deserves the best possible fuel, not just any substitutes.

That is why you choose wholesome, least processed meals, not cheap junk food and stuffers.

Even if weight loss is initially the primary goal for you, you also begin to understand its mechanism and pay attention to the fact that the solution is rational nutrition, not fasting.


Yoga works with the whole thing

And it’s not just that it develops your entire body equally.

In short, the risk that you will start to look like an inverted triangle with an extensive chest and a booty like a nut is negligible.

However, this is not the most important thing.

Practice is working with people understood as a whole. With what you wear your head and what lies in your heart.

Just like eastern medicine, glorifying the holistic approach to the case and not separating the patient into individual organs, so here we work holistically.

By uniting the mat with breath, we allow the mind to clear and thoughts to flow without becoming too attached to them.

Yoga Changes

Yoga is a search for balance

Yoga practice is also the art of seeking balance.

On one hand, these are positions that require a lot of focus and the ability to keep the body still with a small support plane.

On the other hand – searching for this balance in life.

The right dosage for both work and rest. Information and lack thereof. Time spent with people as well as the time spent in our own company.


Yoga is not a fashion revue

What I wrote to you last time .

You don’t need any equipment or fashionable clothes for practice.

Often when starting any physical activity, we overdo the whole tooling. We want to have the latest accessories and beautiful outfits.

As you delve into practice, you discover that all this is not important.

That this greatest beauty comes from within, from the heart, from the mind. And that your greatest ornament are eyes in which you can simply see the good.


Yoga changes the approach to problems

Yoga is disentangling.

Regular practice teaches us to solve unnecessary knots and obligations, and to take bold steps forward.

Over time, we begin to understand that often the best thing we can do is just let go.

Paradoxically – then most often problems are solved by themselves.

Tempering is not only about problems, but also about focusing on the opinions of others.

Just like getting rid of the stupid habit of judging.

Let’s face it – what do you care what opinion about your creation has the person standing behind you in the queue at the post office? And what will you criticize someone’s behavior and opinions?

Even if you do it only in your thoughts, you will only do harm only to yourself.


Yoga invites you to discover

There is no change without the desire to learn.

Without curiosity and following your heart.
Yoga encourages you to study and learn your body.

You start to understand how it works and why it reacts in this way.

You wonder where the tensions accumulated in it come from and what you can do to release them.

You work on it not only on the mat, but also in everyday life, limiting even the number of stressful situations.

Or looking for the possibility of a big change, if limiting is of little use.

Yoga is not another technique aimed at carving the perfect figure. It’s a powerful tool that, if well used, can make a lot of positive change in everyone’s life.

The radiator on the stomach comes … and goes away.

What you create in your mind and sculpt your breath will stay with you for longer.

Very likely forever.


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