Is yoga difficult? Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

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Is yoga difficult? Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Among people who have never practiced asanas, there is sometimes a misconception that yoga is too difficult. I highly recommend that you verify your ideas in practice yoga teacher training.
To the question: is yoga difficult, there is no clear answer. It all depends on our predispositions, expectations and needs. Each of us is different, so we should set the goal of the practice in accordance with ourselves and our capabilities.
In yoga, we have many asanas and equally many opportunities to use them, adjusting the sequences to the level of advancement, possibilities and needs of practitioners.

If you have never been to yoga classes before, choose mild or beginner ones. Thanks to this, you will become familiar with the basic asanas and the correct way to make them. I guarantee that nobody in the first class will expect you to put your leg behind your head 🙂

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Yoga is difficult for everyone differently

The difficulty of a given asana also depends on our individual predispositions. Some can easily get down to the stick or sit in the lotus in the first class, others may take longer. It is similar with almost every asana, which is why we do not compete and compare ourselves with others during practice. We work in harmony with our body and gradually discover its increasing possibilities.

And how did you imagine yoga?

The associations with yoga are sometimes also very perverse. Some think about classes and imagine a group of people who sit motionless for a long time, others have photos of yogis in front of their eyes who stand on their heads or amaze with their flexibility by entangling themselves in almost unreal positions. The truth, as usually happens, is more or less in the middle. In yoga, we strive for body and mind integration, so in class we will meet the practice of asana in the physical aspect, as well as the practice of mindfulness and meditation.Remember not to wrestle or fight with yourself and your body. Regular practice makes positions that seemed unreal at first become achievable, but only when we give our bodies time to get used to them. We will perform some asanas in one of the first classes, others we can reach for years, let’s not be discouraged by this. Yoga is not only the achievement of the goal, which can be the implementation of the position, but also the way to it. There are no “worse” or “better” asanas in yoga, so let’s appreciate the benefits of these seemingly simplest positions.

Do 2 minutes of yoga a day make sense?

Lack of time is the most common reason, why not giving up yoga practice, besides being too stretched.

Is it worth practicing yoga if we don’t have much time? Do we even need a mat and time to practice? And do 2 minutes of yoga a day make sense?

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Do not postpone yoga for later!

Lack of time is the most common reason, why not giving up yoga practice , besides being too stretched .

Work, household chores and other daily activities make it usually difficult for us to save over an hour a day for full practice.

Often, in such situations, we give up yoga at all, postponing the exercises until tomorrow, at the end of a large project at work, for the time when our child gets older …

And it is in those moments when we feel overwhelmed by the excess of duties, yoga can help us the most.

What can I do for myself in 2 minutes?

All you need is a minute to relax and have a moment with your own breath.

During this time, deepen your breath gently, breathe air into your stomach, if possible, and then let all the air out through your mouth.

If you want, you can close your eyes and attach a visualization to it: try to imagine how with each breath you fill with positive energy and exhale everything that is negative.

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2 minutes of yoga a day

You can use this short breathing practice virtually anywhere – at work, in traffic (I suggest leaving your eyes open!) Or standing in a long queue at the store.

Morning few minutes for the body

Set the alarm clock for a few minutes and give yourself a moment to wake up in the morning.

While lying in bed, yawn, take a few deep breaths, move your toes and hands gently, and slowly wake the body in the most gentle way possible.

Stretch, make some gentle body movements. Give yourself a morning moment of pleasure, don’t get out of bed immediately, make sure to start your day with respect for yourself and your body.

If you fancy, do some gentle asanas after getting out of bed.

Remember that our body is still sleepy in the morning, so treat it gently, do not wrestle in asanas, choose rather slow stretching to the rhythm of the breath than static or difficult asanas for you.

You can of course use gentle asanas in bed and deep breaths before bedtime to calm down the body and prepare it for rest.

Break at work

Depending on what work you do, allow yourself a short break that will balance you.

If you spend many hours behind the desk, then make a few gentle bends forward while sitting in a chair , then stretch your arms up, remembering not to stretch your shoulders and bend once to one side, to the other side.

Stretch , allow yourself to move in accordance with what your body needs at the moment. If you have the opportunity, do a few simple exercises standing – maybe a few mild hips or feet circulation?

Open your chest

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Pay special attention to chest opening exercises , they will allow you to ease the effects of a sitting, hunched position, which you probably take when working in front of a computer.

If you can’t get up from the desk or move around sitting behind it, take a few moments to practice breathing.

When you work physically and move a lot, do gentle, regenerative asanas.

Of course, you can stop at a few deep breaths in sitting , and if you want to go further, you can stay in the child’s position for a few minutes. If any part of your body is exposed to special tension, release them by making movements reminiscent of flicking something.

2 minutes of yoga a day

Give yourself at least two minutes of yoga a day

During the next week, save at least two minutes for a gentle practice of asanas or breathing.

Choose any time that is most convenient for you and give yourself a moment to yoga. Check how it affects you and your body.

Try to record your feelings every week this week, thanks to which after seven days it will be easier for you to look at the changes that I hope will make you feel better and want to incorporate at least a short yoga practice into your life.

Remember that even 2 minutes of yoga a day make sense!

Start at even 2 minutes a day and practice regularly. Where you are and learn yoga step by step!


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