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7 Ways to Strengthen Yoga Practice – Yoga Teacher Training in India

Here are a handful of proven tips that can help you return to the mat.

It happens that in the multitude of tasks, work, e-mails, duties, phone calls and a million other matters, we lose important fragments of everyday life. When time is running out, the first victims fall. Regular yoga practice is out of circulation and it is hard to re-enter it into busy graphics. Book Yoga Course from India at YTTI.

Attempts to return to the mat are difficult and usually paid with remorse, regret or a sense of powerlessness. If you are currently struggling with similar problems – here are a handful of proven tips that can help you return to the mat.

yoga teacher training india yoga school

1. Set a goal

Know your motives well. If you don’t know why you are exercising, you will quickly stop caring. Let’s say you want to learn Bakasana ( Raven Position ) , or calm down, cure back pain , restore fitness, be more flexible – great! Write down or remember your goal and remind yourself of it as often as possible. It’s best when you’re doing the Sun Greeting .

2. Set the time

Imagine that you are dating friends and then without a word you just do not come to the meeting. Don’t let yourself down and show up at the appointed time! Tell your family and friends that you must not disturb at this time, let it be your own 10 minutes!

3. Designate a place

It makes no sense every time to look for a piece of free space on which the mat would fit. Ultimately, time lost on searching or “rubbing” the floor is better to devote to practice. Choose a place in advance and ask your family not to use it during your yoga time.

4. Get your friends involved

Nothing motivates you like knowing that someone is counting on you. Tell the person whose opinion you care about that you intend to return to yoga practice. Ask for support in this provision. By informing someone of your intentions, you can be sure that you will hear a question about your progress, which will further strengthen your motivation. It will then be silly to explain the failure.

5. Take the method of small steps

Don’t demand too much of yourself at first. It is better to do one Sun Greeting per day in full and with commitment than carelessly and without conviction seven times a week. In addition, once you get into the habit, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will want to extend your practice yourself. One Greeting to the Sun will no longer be enough for you. This is a natural moment for the next small step in developing your practice.

6. Plan

If you like dynamic mornings, unfold the mat in the evening of the previous day, prepare the aids you use and music if you listen during practice. In this way, in the morning there will be no excuses and obstacles to jump right on the mat. If you do not have time in the morning and intend to exercise after work, prepare a healthy snack, e.g. delicacies, to have strength after a busy day.

7. Choose the right practice

It is known if you are overtired and you have not practiced for a long time, you will not immediately do super-dynamic sequences. Listen to your needs, and when you have a bad day, choose regenerating, relaxing and low-intensity asanas. Your body will thank you for that.


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