5 Reasons Why Yoga Makes You A Better Lover | YTTI

Yoga Teacher Training India - best yoga school

5 Reasons Why Yoga Makes You A Better Lover | YTTI

Each of us probably already knows that the practice of yoga perfectly affects our body and well-being. But did you know that yoga can do much more? Whether you are a woman or a man – yoga will also make you a better lover . Do you want to know why? Read on.

1. Confidence

In addition to a healthy and strong body, you’ll also receive a powerful boost of confidence. And from this, only two steps are enough to go with that confidence where? To the bedroom! Try not to get carried away and not imagine everything you can do with such confidence. And it so happens that, like a magnet, we are attracted by people who radiate this trait. You’re sexy when you feel sexy.

2. Sex Appeal

Confidence and sex appeal are like holding hands of a sister – it is extremely difficult to separate them. The feeling of being sexy is revealed in every gesture you make and is visible through your surroundings! Therefore, we can make a simple equation here: the body that will shape yoga + confidence = sex appeal .

Yoga Teacher Training India - best yoga school
yoga flexibility

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is something you can count on! After just a few classes, you’ll see how your body stretches and gains new possibilities. And thanks to this many inhibitions disappear … also in the bedroom. I am not thinking only about the flexibility of the body, but also about a new space in the head, thanks to which you will open yourself to new experiences and gain a new dimension of self-acceptance.

4. Strength

If you are able to withstand all, even the most extreme asanas for you right now, well – nothing is impossible for you. And with such skills, there is nothing else but to invite your loved one to the bedroom for a long and sleepless night. Yoga teaches a positive attitude to work on yourself and relationships with others, so trust her!

Yoga Teacher Training India - best yoga school
yoga endurance

5. Creativity

Yoga calms the mind and opens it to other, previously unknown ways of thinking. Each class will cause a noticeable and desirable change. In your life you will find creativity that you can easily transfer to every aspect of your life .
Do you want to achieve success and a perfect combination of ingredients? We have for you a wonderful recipe from jogowej cookbook: Connect confidence with a little sex appeal ‘ in , add flexibility and strength, and at the end of the season with a touch of creativity – we guarantee that you get the bomb mix that will lead you both to the top and make excellent lovers .

The energy in your body will start to pulsate and your libido will go crazy. Trust others and benefit from what yoga gives!


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