4 reasons why I take part in Yoga challenges – Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

yoga challenges

4 reasons why I take part in Yoga challenges – Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Every person who starts their adventure with yoga has doubts at the very beginning. Starting a practice is a big challenge for some. The heart tells one thing, but the voices in the head sometimes win:

  • I can’t handle these asanas
  • I will not be systematic
  • I won’t have time
  • I will not be able to do every asana
  • I will not have the motivation to practice.

    All these doubts close our way to further practice. What can help in such situations is joining the challenge.
    You are never alone during a challenge. You are surrounded by a group of people who motivate and support each other.

It often happens that people who dislike everyday life, when someone takes pictures of them, during the challenge willingly pose, show what they have learned and perform their favorite asanas.
It’s not about bragging about what we’ve learned during practice, but about sharing your progress with the community and motivating others to also join the challenge.


What I gain by taking part in Yoga challenges:

1. Integration:

By entering the mat you focus primarily on yourself and your breathing. By doing this asana, you focus on your interior.
However, when you start sharing photos of your asanas and your progress, your privacy goes beyond the edges of the mat. That’s when you discover that there is a large group of positively crazy yogis in the world who share their progress and motivate each other to continue their practice.

yoga challenges

2. I stop worrying about the opinion of others

Of course, to perform a given asana in public you have to break, do not worry about the opinion of others, and just enter the position. It is not easy, but once you do it you will feel great satisfaction and happiness.
When you share photos with others, sometimes you think “this position did not work out perfectly,” “I am not proud of this asana.” After a while, however, you stop worrying about it because you are part of a community that is the same as you. Each member has his own path.
And this is what is most important in yoga practice: Your path is not perfect.


3. I am disciplined

Daily practice can be a challenge. On some days climbing onto the mat is more difficult – we don’t have time, humor or we just don’t want anything because the weather is bad.
However, when you participate in a challenge you can meet someone who is also having a bad day, share your opinion and find motivation from others. You will also follow Patanjali’s and learn to “purify yourself through discipline.”

yoga challenges
4 reasons why I take part in yoga challenges


4. I changed my worldview

It may be that you are not a fan of taking pictures everywhere, you prefer to keep memories in your mind, so when you have to take a picture during a challenge, you do not enjoy this joy. However, when you then watch your asanas against the backdrop of the city, mountains, or just the walls at home, you start to see things that you have not seen before, you start to find beauty in every, even the smallest thing.
Have you ever participated in any challenge? If so, share your opinion with us.

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